Responsive design, adaptive design, ux, mobile first, wireframes, agile methods--these terms happily fill my head and RSS reader.

Responsive design was a process game changer. Gone are the days of meeting with a client for an initial meeting, heading to photoshop and coming back a few days/weeks later with the "big reveal". No more pixel perfect renderings of desktop-only versions of a homepage. These days it's: conversations, content first, and flexible interactive wireframes and prototypes.

Wireframes and Prototypes:

Programs: Axure & Bootstrap

Wireframing allows for quick definition of content hierarchy. It allows us to plan the layout and interaction of an interface without being distracted by colors, patterns, or typefaces. It is an important step in the responsive process to define how the user interacts with the interface.

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Style Tiles:

Program: Photoshop

Style tiles are a flexible starting point to begin to communicate how visual elements will apply across a larger web system, which includes desktop and mobile experiences. Typography, colors, patterns and images begin to take shape. The look and feel of the components is based on a mutually agreed upon set of descriptive keywords. Clients become part of the brainstorming process.

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E-Commerce Catalog:

Design and development of e-commerce site of product catalog incorporating three-scenario checkout process.

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Responsive Website:

Development of responsive website for vehicle leasing company in Charlotte.

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Responsive Design:

Redesign of existing corporate website to harmonize brand across 20 countries. Each location carries same look and feel as corporate website and content is translated into various languages.

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Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop & Articulate Storyline

Development of animated infographics to accompany audio for a series of nine learning modules aimed at providing community support of service members and their families.

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Web Icons:

Programs: Illustrator & Photoshop

Development of icons for product catalog.

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